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Provider change for

After almost 12 years I have now changed the provider for This is the first post on the new platform, as a constructive proof that it really works!

Moving a classic toplevel domain (like .net) requires extra care and extra time. For almost 2 weeks nothing happened. Then there was a mail indicating failure of the procedure. After restarting the process it worked out surprisingly fast, within only 1 day instead of 5 days specified in the official mail text.

Now it might require additional 48h until the last corner of the Internet has noticed the new address of

Update of website, with included blog

After more than 10 years with a rather minimalistic website here at, I have now activated the advanced Content Management System WordPress, which was part of the standard provider package. That was originally intended as blogging platform, which means there is now this easy to use way to warp forwards in web-technology. But also vulnerability?