Release Candidates for Isabelle2019

The official Isabelle2019 release is scheduled for mid-June 2019. This blog entry is dynamically updated to follow the sequence of public release candidates.

  • Isabelle2019-RC0 (02-Apr-2019): informal snapshot for experimentation, approx. one month before regular RC1. See also AFP/7c585d0056e3.
  • Isabelle2019-RC1 (03-May-2019): first official release candidate; everything is ready, except for pending updates of documentation (isar-ref and jedit). See also AFP/d50417d0ae64.
  • Isabelle2019-RC2 (11-May-2019): consolidated release candidate and fork-point of isabelle-release vs. isabelle development repositories; see also AFP/2170a6647f04. Notable changes:
    • Update of documentation: isar-ref and jedit.
    • Minor updates of sessions HOL-Analysis and HOL-Data_Structures.
    • Simplified main application bundles: back to .tar.gz for Linux and macOS, auto-installable self-extracting archive for Windows.
    • Elimination of odd Java warnings on macOS.
  • Isabelle2019-RC3 (25-May-2019): refined release candidate, see isabelle-release and afp-2019. Notable changes:
    • Isabelle/jEdit: proper update of Theories panel after Purge operation.
    • Windows: back to default path on desktop (more robust); also applies to auto-installable self-extracting archive.
    • Windows: update to Cygwin 3.0.7.
    • More direct invocation of z3: potentially more robust on Windows.
  • Isabelle2019-RC4 (01-Jun-2019): presumably last release candidate, see isabelle-release and afp-2019. Notable changes:
    • Windows: slightly more robust invocation of z3 and cvc4.
    • Windows: note on website about excluding the Isabelle application directory from Virus & threat protection.
    • macOS: hint about Isabelle/jEdit action isabelle.draft for more robust printing via Web browser.

Update 10-Jun-2019: The final release of Isabelle2019 (June 2019) is available from the Isabelle website. The above release candidates will disappear eventually.